When the corporate office of Bath and Body Works is thinking about opening a new store deciding where to place this new store is one of the biggest decisions they will make. The purpose of placing a store in a specific location is to make the products available in the right quantity at the right location, from the customers point of view. This is very important because once you sign a lease on a space you are locked into that contract even if you aren’t making money. A couple other things that they have to think about are: what volume store do we want this to be, how close is the next Bath and Body Works, do we believe that there is a want for this in the community? A company doesn’t want to be competing with itself so if there is another Bath and Body Works store ten miles away, opening up a store that close wouldn’t be a smart idea. The store I was at in Virginia, the closest stores to us were an hour north or an hour south. When I was in South Carolina the closest one was over an hour away. When you do that with a store like Bath and Body Works you allow them to fail or succeed on their own. Where you place a store is one of the most important decisions that people make when they are starting out.

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