At my Bath and Body Works in Virginia throughout most of the year we receive shipments every Monday, Thursday, and Friday. During the holiday season we receive shipment Monday through Friday and a lot of Saturdays as well. You would think that with getting shipping this often we would not run out of inventory. But that is not the case. We run out of products all the time. We don’t have a lot of control over what we get shipped but every week we order supplies we need and we do a process called Never Out Of Stock where the company has given us a list of our most essential products and if we have less than 5 of them then we must report it. Our shipments are delivered to us by FedEx trucks and they have a window opportunity where they have to be at our store in between 8am-10am. With regards to customer service and having products in stock it is always a gamble. Every day I worked a customer would come in and either want an item that we no longer sold or that we were just simply out of. We would do our best to provide them with another alternative but nobody likes to be told no. It would not be feasible to keep enough back stock of every item in the store, we would never be able to store that much extra product. So where there is that gap there is always a chance that the customer is not going to walk away 100% happy. We always try our best though.

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