For three years I worked at Bath & Body Works. I worked at two different locations and was management for a total of two years. Working in retail is not easy and being a manager in the retail world is even harder. Retailing is defined as the activities involved in the sale of products to final customers. Bath & Body Works is definitely a retail job. We train our associates to ask open-ended questions, be available to all the customers that walk in the doors, and sell as much as possible. What we asked of our associates and of ourselves was not always an easy task; working with customers and helping them find exactly what they want is not simple. But it is incredibly rewarding. When they find a scent that they fall in love with or the perfect housewarming gift or the best birthday present it makes our job fulfilling. Every Bath & Body Works store has a different store size ranging from A+ to C; A+ stores do the most volume and C-stores are typically in strip malls. The Bath & Body Works that I started out at and also was a manager at is an A+ store but the store that I worked out in South Carolina was a C and was in a strip mall. Being able to work at both of these stores helped me see the difference in how the stores were run and also in how effectively the associate must sell. At my C-store being an effective seller was not necessarily needed. As I mentioned it was in a strip mall, therefore when customers came in they almost always knew what they wanted and did not need the associate to try to convince them to buy something. On the other hand, at my A+ store being an effective seller was a necessity. We would fire people if they weren’t, it is that important. Being located in a mall customers come in just because they are already in the mall. Therefore we have to be on top of our game in order to get everyone to purchase. I enjoyed my three years in retail but I learned that it is not what I want to do for my forever job. I’m glad to be working at IntelliWare Systems and now fully out of the retail world.

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