At Bath & Body Works our store is evaluated on several different aspects of the business. The ones that we focus on most are overall appearance of the store, availability of merchandise, availability of assistance, friendliness of cashier and speed and efficiency of the transactions. These surveys can be done a couple of different ways either one prints out on the bottom of your receipt or you can go to our website and complete it that way. When you call and do the one on the bottom of the receipt it takes you to an automated voice system where it asks you to rate your experience on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being excellent and 1 being terrible. At the end it gives you a chance to voice record anything that you would like to say. Everyday one of the managers logs on to our online system and reads and listens to the recordings. We, at our store, use these comments to adjust our actions and the actions of our associates. There are some things that we don’t have any control of, for example being out of a product that a customer wants. But if we are out of something we can spend more time offering that customer what we do have in the store that day. After evaluating the comments we typically would choose one of those five aspects we are rated on to focus on that day; typically it is the one that has the lowest score. We print out a copy of our daily numbers and hang it up so that all the associates can see what needs work and also what we’re doings well in. Customer satisfaction at our store is our number one priority.

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