Promotion is defined as communicating information between the seller and potential buyer or others in the channel to influence attitudes or behaviors. There are three promotion objectives: inform, persuade and remind. There are three different ways to promote: personal selling, mass selling and sales promotions. Personal selling is more expensive per capita compared to mass selling. But an advantage that personal selling has over mass selling is that the sales pitch can be customized for each customer. The salesperson can use what they learn from the previous customer and use it to better assist the next. Sales promotion activities are everything else that isn’t personal selling or mass selling. Some examples of sales promotion activities are contests, coupons and frequent buyer programs. At Bath and Body Works we use all three ways of promotion. We use personal selling by have associates working the floor in order to help all the cutovers that walk in our doors. We use mass selling by mailing out identical coupons to everyone customer and we use sales promotions to attract customers into our store. I think that for Bath and Body Works the sales promotions work the best because they are sales that we don’t have all the time therefore customers want to come in and take advantage of the two day sale.

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