Before a new product goes into Bath and Body Works worldwide it is tested in select markets throughout the United States to see how well it sells and how our customers like the product. Last year my store was chosen to participate in the early launch of the New Signature Collection. The company had reformulated the body lotion and had also changed the shape of the bottles. There was a total of about 30 stores throughout the United States that participated in this pre-launch. It was amazing to see how much information the company gave us since we were a test store. Along with this launch came increased prices as well, an additional $1.50 per each bottle of body lotion and shower gel. I thought that our customers were going to be mad about this increase. And don’t get me wrong, we definitely had those customers who threw fits because of it. But for the most part, no one mentioned the increase price. The tests stores had amazing results and the launch happened in the rest of the Bath and Body Works stores after about two months of the test. This is how Bath and Body Works runs their stores and they are always doing tests and trying out new products. If you were to go to a Bath and Body Works store in Ohio or Texas or California I can almost promise you that you will find at least one product that is not in your local Bath and Body Works store.

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