They say about 10% of the workers in the United States work in some sort of sales position. There are three different types of sales positions: order getting, order taking, and supporting. Order getters help to establish new relationships and create new business and these positions are well paid. Order takers sell to regular or established customers and these are the bulk of the transactions. Supporters aim to help the order getters and order takers but are not personally trying to take orders. At Bath and Body Works we do not differentiate between order getters and order takers. If you’re in the store working you are there to get the customers to purchase. We do have supporters though that are just there to restock the floor and to do shipment. They are knowledgable enough to answer customer questions but for the most part they will redirect the customer to an associate that is working on the floor. All these positions are necessary because you must have experienced sales people on the floor that are going to make the sales. The less experienced associates work the register (they could kind of be considered order takers) and the associates who just want to work stock are they to help in any way possible. My favorite was to be out on the sales floor helping the customers. Stocking was my least favorite.


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