When I think of marketing I think of all the visual props and store layout changes that happen at Bath and Body Works. This is only a small component of what marketing really is. Marketing is defined as providing people with what they want for perceived mutual benefit. According to this definition the visual props and store layout changes are part of marketing but are only done because the market researchers that work for the corporate office believe that making these changes will help to provide a mutual benefit between the customers and the company. In many cases this is true because if you put a giant sign in front of your store that says “Buy 3, Get 3 Free” you are most likely going to get more customers to come into your store and if you do your job right, then more people will make a purchase. The United States economy as a whole is in the Marketing Company Era, which simply means we are focusing on long run customer satisfaction. This is definitely something that I have seen evident at Bath and Body Works. We make it our personal goal to make each and every customers day amazing. Especially when it comes to the shopping experience they get while in our store. It’s the little things that count for long term customer satisfaction.

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