There are a number of different ways to advertise a product or service. Television, direct mailings, the newspaper, radio, magazines, the yellow pages, the internet and outdoors and cinema. Television is most widely used and is also the most expensive. But it all depends on how much money you have to put into the advertisement. Bath and Body Works mostly advertises through direct mailings and coupons that you get in the store. This past holiday season in select markets they began advertising on television. In these markets they gave away free items and extra coupons to customers who came in and said that they had seen the advertisement. They never said how well this actually worked but we can guess that it did not increase sales by that much because they haven’t launched commercials throughout the United States yet. Or maybe they did amazing and just need to have more money set aside before they can launch the commercials. I do not think that advertising on television is the best way for a store like Bath and Body Works because we don’t have that much to demonstrate and that is the main reason to advertise on t.v. I think that the direct mailing and having coupons on the store is the correct way. Or if they are trying to attract completely new customers or customers that haven’t been in shopping in a while advertising more on the internet could help too. Just some thoughts.

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