There anywhere from seven to thirteen different stages in the family life cycle. The typical flow of the cycle follows this pattern: young single, young married without children, young married with children, middle aged married with children, middle aged without dependent children, older married and older unmarried. Right now I am in the young single category of the family life cycle. Although I am not like a lot of people my age. I have worked 2 part time jobs plus have gone to school full time for the last two years. One of my jobs was an office job that I would work at in the mornings and early afternoons before my retail job that would keep me at work until around 11 most evenings. I believe that having to work a schedule like this has made me better equipped to handle myself when I get a full time job and get married and have kids. I am already used to having to juggle my time and work on little sleep. Another part of this chapter is the Problem Solving Continuum. This is a scale of how much thought and research and shopping around goes in to solving a problem or buying a new product. On side of the spectrum you have routined response behavior; these are items like toothpaste and deodorant that a person doesn’t even think about. They buy the same thing every time. On the opposite side of the spectrum you have extensive problem solving; these are purchases that are not made often like a new car or a new computer. A lot of time is put in to finding out information about any and all forms of the product. In the middle there is limited problem solving; where there is more thought put in to the decision that buying toothpaste but nowhere near as much as buying a new car.

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